AutoCAD – Using Tree Symbols

Using our graphic symbol libraries is easier than ever within the AutoCAD software. Outlined below is a guide to utilizing our libraries in AutoCAD and setting them up to display properly with both transparency and no image frame. Using the techniques outlined below you will be able to utilize our libraries within your projects both large and small.



AutoCAD handles images with the XREF command. Type ‘XREF’ into the command prompt and attach the image in the XREF window that appears. Alternatively you may drag and drop the image into you model. When using our libraries in AutoCAD it is recommended that you use the PNG file format provided in the libraries. These files contain transparent background that AutoCAD can understand and compute.




Once you have your image inserted into your scene you will notice the images have white backgrounds. To remove the white background and view the image with transparency, select the image and type ‘TRANSPARENCY’ into the command prompt. The command prompt will ask you to select the images you wish to make transparent. Select the tree symbol and press enter. The command prompt will then give you the option of typing ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’. Type ‘ON’ to turn the transparency on. If you wish to turn the transparency off to speed the drawing up just type ‘TRANSPARENCY’ again select your images you wish to make transparent and type ‘OFF’.




Once your images have been made transparent you will notice a frame around your images. To remove the frame type the command ‘IMAGEFRAME’ and set the setting to ‘0’. This will remove the frame from the images. If you wish to show the frame again so you can make amendments etc. to your symbols type ‘IMAGEFRAME’ and set the setting to ‘1’. Alternatively you can switch the image frame on and off by typing ‘TFRAME’. This command toggles the image frame setting between 0 and 1.




When printing your drawings to PDF we have found that using the DWG to PDF converter that comes with CAD is preferable over the PDF Distiller. Using the PDF Distiller can produce unwanted green frames and low quality images on your drawings. To avoid this switch your printer to DWG to PDF in the plot settings.