License Agreement

All content displayed within this website and our products such as logos, graphics, text, and images, digital downloads, and software, is the property of PREZO PLUS and protected by international copyright laws. All trademarks used throughout the PREZO PLUS website (Paypal, Visa, MasterCard etc) are the property of their respective owners.

All products available for download on this site are provided via email in the form of download links. These download links are valid for 7 days or 5 downloads, please download your products within this time frame. All downloadable products are provided in compressed Winzip files to ensure smaller file size for downloads. To extract these files you will need a decompression program such as Winzip, WinRar. Windows and Mac based systems also provide default decompression software that will unzip your downloads successfully.

PREZO PLUS is not responsible for loss of data or any digital purchases from this site for any reason, including, but not limited to hard drive failure, computer failure, software failure, back-up failure, or any other cause of loss of your PREZO PLUS digital purchases. Once downloaded it is your sole responsibility to back-up all critical data and packages purchased from this site.

Cancelation of your order is not available once the product has been downloaded. We also cannot refund purchases made through the site for incompatibility issues. All formats the libraries are provided in are displayed on each of the individual libraries store page. If you would like to purchase the libraries but are certain they are not in a suitable format for your application please contact us before purchase and we will discuss the situation with you further. You are responsible for making sure that your PC or MAC can both receive and de-compress digital products and making sure that your software is compatible with the formats provided.

If you have any further questions regarding PREZO PLUS and its license agreement, please contact us.