Product Licenses

All models, textures, renders, materials, images, DXF, DWG etc. which can be purchased/downloaded from are on Royalty-Free non-exclusive license. License is personal (Standard License) or registered to your business (Extended License) and NON transferable. All products you have purchased are non-exclusively licensed, NOT sold to you.

Single License
Single licenses are purchased and licensed to a single user. This user may use the products freely under the Royalty-Free non-exclusive license. This single user however may not share, redistribute or re-sell the products. A single license does not govern a business to distribute the libraries throughout their employees or network.
Business License
Business licenses are purchased and licensed to a business to use and deploy among multiple staff members. This license is designed for businesses with multiple staff needing to access the libraries for projects. This licese does not govern the business to share, redistribute or re-sell the products.

You can use PREZO PLUS products as part of a game, if the products are contained within a proprietary format and displays inside the game during play. In this case, you have to add in the producer’s section the information that “Elements by”. You may sell/re-sell rendered moving or still images, resold as part of a project, feature film, movie advertisement etc. You have a possibility to publish renders in a book, poster, t-shirt, magazine, cover or any other item. You have the right to use your renders in every way – charge a fee for them, modify them, to make post production etc.

If you have any questions in regards to our product licenses please contact us.