Revit – Using Tree Symbols

Using our tree symbol libraries in Revit is as easy as drag and drop. No strings attached. Revit handles transparency in PNG format files automatically so all you need to do is import the symbols you wish to use scale them and move them into position.



With your document open select the site view or equivalent view you wish to add trees to. Once you are in the correct view go to the insert tab and click on the ‘Image’ button. The import image dialog box will appear. Browse to the directory your library is sitting and select the tree you are wanting to use within your model. Once you have the file selected click open. Revit will then show an image frame for placement. Place your image within your document and scale to suit.

If you import your image and you cant see the image but can see the image frame, select the image frame and in the properties window change the images draw layer to foreground. This will bring the image to the front for you. You can also use the draw order tools to bring trees on top of each other when using multiple symbols.